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A unique perspective.

Since 1979, that is what Gemini Publications has offered the readers of our distinguished titles. In business terms, Gemini is a niche, regional publishing company. But to our Grand Rapids, Michigan, community we are Grand Rapids Magazine, Grand Rapids Business Journal and Michigan BLUE Magazine. We are also Michigan Golf Magazine and more. In the financial and industrial hub of West Michigan, we are another voice.

Gemini Publications' reputation for quality and accuracy is well known. Dozens of editorial and design awards further attest to this excellence as outside experts stamp their seals of approval. We're extremely proud of this heritage of excellence.

"We may not be the biggest publication in some of the markets we serve," says Gemini CEO John Zwarensteyn, "but we always strive to be the best."

To that end, Gemini assembles the area's top writers, designers, marketers and support staff. Our people are a major factor in the company's performance, as it continues to thrive.

Our publications are committed to presenting information to our readers that is interesting, accurate and timely. Just browse this and Gemini's family of Web sites, and you will get a good idea of Gemini Publications' quality and overall excellence. You will see how we seek to add meaningful contributions to our communities, to lead them by providing in-depth coverage not available in any other media.

In other words, you will find a unique perspective.

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